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Thread: A big problem

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    Question A big problem


    My server cannot connect to beacause of network or other reasons that i don't know about that.
    So that cannot send mail to

    You know , I want this:

    When i want to send mail to ,i should send it to,

    Also when i want to send mail to ,and ,.....

    How does Gmail undrestand that the message must be sent to x1 or x2 or x3,

    .(I send mail by php code .)

    In Gmail -> 'Settings' 'Filters' i should fill out these fields:



    3.Forward it to : ?????????(this is not defined or it is in message body)

    Where do i should tell gmail filter that Forward it to " ?????"?(there are many email address in my site.)

    Is any specific server that forward our mail with defined fields such as 'from','to','forward to','title','body',.....?
    Or so on...............?

    please help me.
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