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Thread: how many ldap server i can setup ?

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    Post how many ldap server i can setup ?

    now i want to setup a Zimbra_Multi_Server , so tell me , how many ldap server i can setup ? the max number of ldap server ? and where can i found the guide of

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    Before you 'max out' on replicas take into account several things:

    The more replicas you have the more threads there are trying to sync with the only master. And if you oversaturate things there's a higher likelihood some replicas will fall behind while others monopolize the master, particularly in a heavy write environment.

    Granted I have no insight as to your usage - I suppose if needed you could daisy chain replicas...

    Probably need at least one replica per 4 MTA's or per 8 mailstores. Just throwing guesses out there - there's lots more involved in calculating this and I have no clue on your number of users, mail traffic, planned hardware, or typical usage. (If you're a NE customer professional services can plan this out for you.)

    See this article on tweaking the number of threads & cache sizes: Zimbra_OpenLDAP_Server : Performance Tuning Guidelines for Large Deployments - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Quote Originally Posted by Multi-Server Guide
    Only one master LDAP server can be set up. This server is authoritative for user information, server configuration, etc. Replica LDAP servers can be defined to improve performance and to reduce the load on the master server. All updates are made to the master server and these updates are copied to the replica servers.
    All that said there's some very cool stuff coming up on the radar soon: Bug 27872 - Support multi-master LDAP deployment > Bug 21991 - OpenLDAP 2.4 upgrade with BDB 4.7

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