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Thread: Build FRANKLIN on Redhat4

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    Angry Build FRANKLIN on Redhat4

    It took me 5 hours to build FRANKLIN on Redhat4 ,unfortunately,one component failed,and i have to stop the build, fix the error, then rebuild all the components again.I really do not want to repeat this boring work.Are there any way for me to build the only one which failed ?
    appreciate for any reply.

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    This is in the wrong forum, I'll move it for you. What's wrong with using the rpm for RHEL?


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    Default I modified some place

    Nothing,it works well.
    But I modified somewhere so that it can work for me more powerful. I forgot to install libtool firstly, so the component openldap failed, now i only want to build openldap again ,any methods?
    thank you!

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