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    Hi, I would like to implement a method that recognize the Zimbra Contact.
    I thought to implement a regex that recognize a particular string, but later I need a method that check if the string is really a ZmContact.

    You think that it's possible, have you an other (better I hope) idea?


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    Default More Details...

    You may want to add some more specifics about what you are trying to do.
    You can get info about Contacts running zmmailbox, or you can make SOAP calls.
    We use the GetContactsRequest to get a list of contacts.
    If you are on the server, or have scripts that can connect, you can call zmmailbox getAllContacts. Type 'zmmailbox help' on the server to get more info.

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    I would like to add more specifices about Contact via SOAP.
    I want to get info about Contacts used SOAP.
    Could you send sample of SOAP calls to me.
    Thanks very much.
    My Email:

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