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Thread: Sync Zimbra and my custom app

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    Default Sync Zimbra and my custom app

    I am currently developing a calendering system which is part of another project and is having some questions regarding synchronization. The calendering application consists of 3 sub-modules, one to schedule a typical event, second to schedule a meeting and third to process leave application. Because there are custom workflows involved in the second (meeting) and the third (leave) applications, so I would have to develop them separately.

    Now the problem is, the users are able to schedule events, to-do in their own zimbra client. So in order for my application to work correctly, I have to not only sync data from my app to zimbra, but also sync data from zimbra to my application database (2 way synchronization) so that users can schedule meetings without clashing with other events and confirmed leave applications.

    I am planning to use REST for synchronization, but in my test I find that when an import to zimbra is successful, I receive no success message or whatever output, is this expected?

    How does zimbra handles workflow in meeting events? is it possible to send the meeting request to the superior for approval before sending out the meeting request to the attendees?

    Is anyone here working on a similar project?

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    Did you find a solution for this? I have a situation similar to yours.
    ZCS 6.05 on CentOS 5.3 (VMWare ESX 4)

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