(I have written of this bug? in an other thread also but since then i did a lot of research and i think i justifies a clean thread start here.)

If i copy or move large messages from or to a shared folder it fails with an exception after a large amount of time.

SoapEngine - handler exception
com.zimbra.cs.zclient.ZClientException: invoke Read timed out
Caused by: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
If i move/copy the same message between my local folders it takes only seconds. If i move/copy the same message between the shared folders it also needs only seconds

The mail consist only of a few words and one large wmv video file attached so indexing of this mail should be really fast and for the attachment no indexing should happen so in theory moving a message from one mailbox to another should work really fast if it is already on the server.

In saw in the mailbox.log of zimbra that "1 pending download" is still left. I dont get this also because why should there be one download left if the file is already on the server?!?

To download the attachment (50MB WMV File) takes only seconds in our Gigabit LAN so why should it take so long on the server to copy from one place to another and why copy it anyway because we have single instance store - right?

Small messages and everything else works just like expected (fast and reliable). Another strange behavior maybe related to this is that if i copy/move a bunch of mixed(large and small) mails from an external imap server to zimbra with thunderbird (both mailservers with different accounts in thunderbird) it seems that the larger messages gets duplicated a lot of times. I guess because thunderbird gets an error from zimbra and retries the whole thing.

The funny thing is that after the exception showed up the mail was nearly always copied or moved. So it seems that the operation was done but then something happened where zimbra fails and gets a timeout.

I did study and change most of the possible configuration of zimbra but no effect (please don't think it is something stupid like maxMessageSize i did configure all of this correctly)

If this is a bug bothering other people too please file it!