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Thread: Does mailpickup folder exist?

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    Default Does mailpickup folder exist?

    Does Zimbra have a Mail Pickup Folder like Exchange?
    If properly smtp-formatted textfiles are placed in that folder, they are picked up by the mail system.

    If such a functionality is not present, how would you go about implementing this?

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    What, exactly, are you trying to achieve?


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    We use some self-written apps (based on office) to follow-up customer requests and such. We send internal mails and set up calendar appointments to the relevant coworker.
    now that we are switching to zimbra and the webclient, that internal mail has to be adapted - taking outlook out of the equation.

    Most of the transactions boil down to a simple mail message.
    On exchange sites, dumping that textfile in the pickup folder would be all that's left to do.

    the second thing is sending attachments from office. there is a request 12845 running.
    But my boss is giving me grief now He is all for improvement, but hates bumps in the (his) road.
    What he's used to, is sending out a word document as pdf though outlook. I'd make a word script that does the conversion and again puts the mail textfile in that pickup folder. cutting out outlook.
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