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Thread: QuickAdd Ajax Problem

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    Default QuickAdd Ajax Problem


    I run Zimbra 5.08 within RHEL.

    I believe I am having an Ajax related issue specific to QuickAdd; a strange thing happen when I right-click to open QuickAdd within calendar - normally the screen behind the QuickAdd will turn a sort of opaque (like a film is placed between the popup and the the main screen). But now when I open the popup the screen behind it goes completely white and I can't see anything other then QuickAdd. If I close the QuickAdd everything goes back to normal.

    I have tested this with Firefox and Safari and this problem does not happen ,only in IE7. In fact it seems this opaque film does not even try to come up in Firefox.

    Is there a way (within the source or otherwise) to not have this opaque film come up? Or possibly some other trouble-shooting suggestions.

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    I have temporarily solved this issue.

    What I had to do was cause a postback before zimbra loads within the portal tab.

    The portal uses Ajax to load content into its tabs (avoiding a full-postback) and apparently zimbra takes exception to this and wants to get a good ol' full-postback start.

    Again, this issue seemed to be limited to for anyone at zimbra who wants to take a look at this, I would be happy to provide more detail.

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