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Thread: Strange thing on calendar sharing notification

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    Default Strange thing on calendar sharing notification

    I hope somebody can help me:

    I am sharing my calendar with other local Zimbra accounts. I works fine for the most of the users. But one user gets an notification mail without the possibility to accept the share - because there is now share button available. All the other users have this button and they can see my calendar.

    What can be the reason?

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    Hi Andreas,

    This a bug in zimbra UI when the acount has an externel POP/IMAP configured.

    Work around : switch to the Standard UI to accept the share.

    Work around 2 : replace external POP/IMAP with fetchmail.

    Ref :
    Bug 23582 – No Accept/Decline buttons on share request

    Best regards,

    Florent Manens
    StarXpert : Expert en migration, Zimbra et Alfresco

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    Off topic but perhaps worth mentioning.

    I noticed that everyone was allowed to add calendar entries when they sent me .ics attachments. So I disabled it (allowed only my email to do that).

    Then I turned it off (ie again allow everyone to be able to add calendar entries) it stopped working. So right now preferences show as "everyone can add calendar entries" but in reality noone can.

    Trying to reproduce (together with another issue I've seen whereas external POP/IMAP accounts lose the saved password and saving preferences results in external email testing error). When I manage to reproduce and see when / why it's happening I will post a bug report.


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