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Thread: [SOLVED] Asterisk / Telephony Integration

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    Default [SOLVED] Asterisk / Telephony Integration

    Hi there!

    Just saw you plan a telephony integration and unified messaging.
    For telephony integration, I would like to see:
    - Click to dial
    - Call history (incoming, outgoing, unanswered/answered, duration)
    - Easy accessible contact details for an incoming call

    For that kind of stuff I did already some work here:

    With JTAPI you get a clean and well designed Java API with an object and an event model.

    Within Asterisk-JTAPI I did already invenst some time and thought out how to make the interfacing independent of the terminal types used and the list of terminals and numbers get extracted from the dialplan. Just to point out the highlights



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    Question the use of JTAPI and Asterisk-java

    hope you can help, first of all for your effort,
    I have read the site but it seams that no tutorials are there, can I get some help on how working with the JTAPI with telephony system that uses Asterisk as PBX, and what should I do with the jar files which are mentioned in the site ?,

    dose the Asterisk JTAPI use the JTAPI or the Generic JTAPI (GJTAPI)??

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forums

    Why not have a read through as that is something which has been developed recently; instead of a thread that is three years old!

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    hi ,
    as that is something which has been developed recently; instead of a thread that is three years old!
    this exactly what I want , I need to accelerate the work, but the net is helping in this, I have googled about the topic but no good result maybe because I always use JTAPI Asterisk,

    the zimlets, would grant me the functionality to an application that act as a call center,

    Thank you very much

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