I am wondering if there has been any planning regarding the concept of company /organization.

Here is the idea:
As a service provider you sell Zimbra to clients.
Most of the time the client represents a company or some other kind of organization.
And often though not always that company has one to one mapping with a domain.

The benefits would be:
- You could assign an administrator for that company that could manage accounts belonging to that company. So any time they need to add/remove accounts they could do it themselves (quickly).
- Company could have a shared document/briefcase space right away and they could have the company contacts accessible right away for everyone.
- The experience would resemble more intranet than individual accounts interacting in an ad-hoc manner.

Does anyone have any idea if this kind of model would be hard to implement since this would be a must feature for us if we were to start renting Zimbra as an Application Service Provider.