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Thread: Extension do "Direct Links"

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    Default Extension do "Direct Links"


    maybe I'm just searching at the wrong place, but I'd linke to know, if it's possible to link directly to a mail-folder view or even a message view in Zimbra. so analogue to having

    ?view=compose to have a direct link into composing messages or

    ?app=mail to circumvent the front page and link to the inbox view

    have something like


    to view a message in the zimbra UI and


    to show the "sent" folder instead.

    Im NOT looking for RSS feeds or native views, I already found those.

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    I believe you can access it with a link like this

    I am looking to do the same thing, but when I put in the link (I use https)

    I get the following error

    HTTP ERROR: 501

    can only handle messages/appointments/tasks/documents


    Powered by Jetty://

    You might also want to check in this thread as it includes some of the stuff you are talking about.

    I wonder if the link is just not working in 5.0.8 or something.
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