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Thread: Using tags in mail-workflow

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    Default Using tags in mail-workflow

    i know two small businesses which use zimbra's tagging-ability in their email handling workflow. they have tags like:
    - done
    - in progress
    - todo
    - todo urgent

    the problem is, that you cannot easily switch the tag assigned to an email; you have to first remove the old one and then add the new one (because otherwise you see the "rainbow-tag")

    is it possible to make the tagging-feature more flexible? i'm thinking of something like a checkbox "remove other tags on assign" or even better a list of other tags which should be removed when a certain tag is added to an email.

    what do you think of such a feature?

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    Hi there!

    I case someone is still searching for a solution for this problem, please look at this Zimlet: Exclusive Tag | Zimbra :: Gallery

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