Hi there. We're trying to use the great Instant Messaging feature, using pidgin, so we can move from jabberd server to zimbra server.
Some of our internal applications use a perl script (which uses the Net::Jabber class) to IM us in case of a failure or notification.

I'm trying to connect that perl script to the zimbra server, but it's not working properly and don't know why. I can see noting in the logs.

Any idea what colud be wrong? External client (Pidgin) is working ok

This is the script we are using with the jabberd server

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Net::Jabber "Client";

die if not defined $ARGV[0];

my $hostname = 'zimbra.example.com';
my $username = 'callerid';
my $password = 'password';
my $resource = 'home';
my @to = ('foo.bar@example.com');

my $con = new Net::Jabber::Client;
my $msg = new Net::Jabber::Message;

for (@to)
        $con->Connect (hostname=>$hostname) or die;
        my @result = $con->AuthSend (username=>$username, password=>$password, resource=>$resource);
        next if $result[0] ne "ok";
        $msg->SetMessage (to=>$_, body=>$ARGV[0]);
        $con->Send ($msg);