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Thread: zimbracommon and zimbrastore jars download

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    Default zimbracommon and zimbrastore jars download


    I'm trying to write a basic Java app as a client for a Zimbra server.
    since i just need to use these 2 jar files for our clients, i feel its an overkill to get all the sourcecode and then build it myself or to download the whole server install/extract everything to just get these jars.

    Could anybody point me to the place from where i can get zimbracommon.jar and zimbrastore.jar. The Zimbra server is not on my machine nor do i have access to it to get these jar files.

    I'm following this wiki:
    ZClient - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Thanks a lot

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    Make your life easier. Just download the full release and grab what you need. It'll save your sanity if it turns out you also need other jarfiles...
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