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    Default Documents and Search engine

    Hi all.

    I've got in touch with ZIMBRA as a simple user for some months, but I've never seen anything about customization and development so far...

    What I'd like to do is customizing the "Documents" section of my Zimbra making it more similar to Wiki and, above all, getting able to use something like a Search Engine for searching documents by keys.

    In your opinion, where shall I start from?
    Is there already something that achieves what my purpose is?

    Any help and reccomendation will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance and regards!

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    I reply to myself, adding some things I've found.

    From what I've seen so far, the native search in the "Documents" area doesn't work properly (result is always zero, even when I use the title of a page as the key), nor it's allowed to assign tags to pages.

    So, a workaround for my purposes could be using the "suitcase" area, where on the contrary it's possible to assign tags to document.
    Anyway, I'd rather being able to use "documents" and "tags" (and search) together...

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