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Thread: [SOLVED] GetMessagesRequest(x)? (Another SOAP Question...)

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    Default [SOLVED] GetMessagesRequest(x)? (Another SOAP Question...)

    Forgive me, I assume this will be a trivial answer, but I've been searching and searching and would rather look like a novice than waste anymore time... I've written a web interface for administrating Zimbra users, and cannot figure out what SOAP function would best suit my needs for a quick "view mail" function. I'm using DelegateAuth to get the auth token for my user, thats all working properly.

    At this point, what would be the best function to get the following info from a users mailstore:

    'message id', 'message subject', 'message size'.

    I've looked through the soap and soap-admin docs, and cannot figure out what I need.

    I feel like the function should be called GetMessagesRequest, but that function doesn't exist. It is _probably_ availble thru SearchRequest, but that can't be the proper way of doing things can it?

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    Something magical on the Zimbra forums -- When I post an issue, 35 seconds later the solution smacks me in the face like a Mac Truck..

    This post should be included in the SOAP read me... The debug mode in the normal client answered my questions!!

    From debugger:

    SearchRequest: {
    query: "in:inbox",
    sortBy: "dateDesc",
    types: "conversation"

    Im marking this as solved, but will post my SOAP once its all assembled.

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