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Thread: vTiger?

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    Default vTiger?

    i have been looking at Zimbra and have decided that i REALLY want to use it but I may have a problem that i hope someone can help me with.

    after countless months of trying to find a CRM client that would sync with my Mac and PC users i ended up using vTiger and creating our own system. i am scheduled to get my team on vTiger on Oct. 1st however i knew i was missing the email component as well as contacts and calendar outside of vTiger and that syncing was still going to be an issue (at least on the mac side) but i had a workable solution.

    however now that i have 100% decided to go with the premium edition of Zimbra with the 25 users i am stuck with no direction on how to incorporate the 2?

    i realize that salesforce will do this out of the box but i would prefer to find a solution to using my vTiger.

    with vTiger i can currently sync contacts/calendar events to Outlook or Thunderbird with a sync button and i can also select important emails to be imported to a particular clients info for reference by selecting the email and then telling Outlook or Thunderbird to sync that particular email to the relevant client.


    what i would like is to use Zimbra but also have it sync with my vTiger.

    i am sorry to go on and on here but if anyone reading this can relate to my needs or needs more info to help me make this possible please let me know.

    thanks for reading

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    Default Have you found a solution to this?

    So, what is your solution finally?

    Stay driven!
    Moonshi Mohsenruddin

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