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Thread: [SOLVED] php soap to add appointment in calendar

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    Default [SOLVED] php soap to add appointment in calendar

    hi guys,

    i am using admin token to add appointment to other users, but got error message saying admin account has no permission to add calenar to other users, please help,thanks


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    Default here is my code, please find out problems for me

    $params = array(
    new SoapVar('<m d="'..'">
    <e t="f" a=" my email address" />
    <inv method="REQUEST" type="event" fb="B" transp="O" status="CONF" allDay="0" name="Test">
    <s d="20080919T090000"/>
    <e d="20080919T103000"/>
    <at a="my email address" role="REQ" ptst="AC" rsvp="1"/>
    <or a="my email address"/>
    <mp ct="multipart/alternative"><mp ct="text/plain"><content/></mp><mp ct="text/html"><content/></mp></mp>
    <su>Test </su>
    </m>', XSD_ANYXML)

    try {
    $soapHeader = new SoapHeader(
    new SoapVar('<ns2:context><authToken>' . $zim->zimbra_auth . '</authToken></ns2:context>', XSD_ANYXML)
    $result = $client->__soapCall(

    echo "done<br><br>";
    echo $client->__getLastRequest() . "<br><br>";
    echo $client->__getLastResponse() . "<br><br>";
    echo "executed<br>";
    } catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "exception caught<br><br>";
    echo $client->__getLastRequest() . "<br><br>";
    echo $client->__getLastRequestHeaders() . "<br><br>";
    echo $client->__getLastResponseHeaders() . "<br><br>";
    echo $client->__getLastResponse() . "<br><br>";
    echo $exception . "<br><br>";

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    Default error message

    invalid request: Cannot create/modify an appointment/task with organizer set to users email address when using account admin email account

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