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Thread: .NET and SOAP consumption from Zimbra

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    Default .NET and SOAP consumption from Zimbra

    Hey all:

    I'm totally new to this all, and much more used to things in .NET world than Open Source. I've never tried to consume SOAP without a WDSL, and the .NET environment in general, hides most of the packet level stuff. I need to write a quick and dirty .NET app that reads appointments from the zimbra calendar. I'd appreciate ideas on an approach to this. Thanks

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    Default Same issue

    Hey Mate, I am having same problem.. I am a .NET developer and trying to get appts from Zimbra's calender... trying to play with Zimbra's SOAP interface..

    Did u manage to nail this down????

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    I'm trying to get Emails via .Net.

    If I find anything out I'll post it here. Please do the same.

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    Zimbra uses it's own SOAP stack, which doesn't support WSDL or XSD (painful, I know). Your best bet continues to be to look at the SOAP.txt documentation that is in the source.

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