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Thread: building common and im on debian

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    Default building common and im on debian

    The following maybe useful to someone trying to package zimbra.

    I'm currently attempting to compile some components from the source available on the zimbra community builds project on sf.

    So far this includes ZimbraCommon and ZimbraIM. I trying to use no zimbra provided jars and openjdk-6 on debian unstable.

    zimbra common build deps: libdom4j-java libservlet2.4-java libjfreechart-java libconcurrent-java libgnumail-java libcommons-httpclient-java libjson-java

    sid is currently missing a commons-cli2 package

    zimbra im build deps: libdom4j-java libjzlib-java libmina-java libservlet2.4-java libcommons-httpclient-java libbcprov-java

    Changes have been required to build with json lib from sf rather than (debian provides a package for the former) and to build zimbra im with java6. Patches attached. I have not reached the point where I can run any of the changed code.
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