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Thread: Trigger action - Web Services

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    Default Trigger action - Web Services


    I'm looking for a solution to trigger an action.

    In fact, here is what I want :
    - a user create an appointment in his calendar
    - the "CreateAppointmentRequest" do the job
    - a new service "CreateAppointmentThirdParty" create this appointment via WebService/SOAP in another application.

    The difficulty is the way to create this call in Zimbra.
    What's the good way to proceed with Zimbra ?

    Thanks for your responses,

    Daniel SERY.

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    Hello Daniel,

    Did you managed to create the new service?

    I'm trying to develop a new SOAP service (that would be called inside a Zimlet) but I'm new in Zimbra and I do not know how to do this... maybe via another Zimlet? or somewhat else?? Can you address me on an example?

    Thanks and Best Regards

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