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    Default managing resources

    Zimbra dev build: 3.1.0_GA_279_RHEL4

    I'm testing the new resource feature and I'm missing something.
    With this version I can only auto-accept appointments, is there a way to assign a user to a resource that can manage/view that resource or would it be possible to share a resource the same like a calendar?
    We also need some kind of an overview for meeting rooms when they are booked and if there need to be beverages for that meeting.

    I know it's a dev build, but just like to know the future


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    Stefan, we intend to add resource delegates in a future release. This will work much like our calendar delegation works today, to be used for resources that require human intervention to approve scheduling. Resource free/busy also shows up in the appointment scheduling view, so you can see when resources are available that way.

    Regarding whether you need to bring additional things to a meeting, an admin can either add notes to a resource that are specific to that resource (which are viewable and searchable by the end user when scheduling a resource), or you can add notes to the appointment directly.
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    Question This it finished?

    I still not know how to manage a resource by an user approving requests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skuda
    I still not know how to manage a resource by an user approving requests.
    Have you tried using the Resources feature and set it up in the Admin UI? A better description of your problem in a new thread might help rather than tagging it onto an old thread like this.


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