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Thread: Query string parameters -- documentation?

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    Default Query string parameters -- documentation?

    I've been searching for the query string to deep link to a message, and I finally found it in another thread. For future reference, is there some consolidated list of all possible query string parameters for the AJAX client?


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    Ah, the URL I found wasn't quite as perfect as I'd thought. It seems to be filtering for the message matching the given ID, displaying in a "search results" view. This leaves some ambiguity about what the list of messages is displaying ("Where are the rest of the messages in my inbox?") and the message will not display if the user has hidden the preview pane.

    Hopefully there is an alternative URL that takes the user directly to the message view.

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    Default It may be useful

    Though this thread is old, it may be useful to be directed directly to the relevant documentation.

    Query language description

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