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    Today ZCS handles calendars, contacts and emails only. ZCS covers less than 25% of my digital business life

    Allow me to start with a list of other valuable digital assets:
    • bookmarks
    • documents (letters, spreadsheets ...)
    • files (Project related file like source code)
    • journal (contact history, phone calls ...)
    • notes (draft docs or wiki pages)
    • web sites (cached and indexed)

    Even more relevant acronyms: CalDAV, WebDAV and Unified Messaging.

    And most important: The single information does not matter, the relation is the key to success. I'm sure, ZCS would be of much greater and more universal use if it would avoid the digital divide.

    I'm no Java guru, but I'm considering to contribute to ZCS.

    - Gert

    BTW: For a good example of the power of an integration solution see trac, an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.
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