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Thread: Zimbra structure

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    Question Zimbra structure

    Hello everybody,

    I'm a newbie with Zimbra dev and I need your help and your time to help me to understand how Zimbra is structured.

    I know it uses the MVC design pattern. In order to understand how the files communicate between them, I try to modify the HTML code of the "new mail window". I found several files with the same code. So I try to modify one of them and especially the line where is the label for "Subject" and more precisely the html "<input>" where the user writes his subject. In this input, I wrote the "value" attribute with a simple "hello world" but of course I didn't see any difference on screen after my modification.

    So I guess, I did the modification in the wrong file...

    I try this in those 4 files :

    template/Message.template (Compose section)

    Thanks in advance for any answer

    Best regards,

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    After you modify a template, you will have to compile it to javascript.
    See the doc ZimbraWebClient/docs/ajax/template.txt

    I don't know how about html client.


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    Thanks Agnès, I'm gonna ready it ASAP.

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