Hello guys,

I worked on a little library to communicate with zimbra from flash, flex, air, flash lite, etc.

It's an AS3 library with an AS2 port (uncomplete) that makes the communication and administration of zimbra very easy.

I have been coding ActionScript for 7 years now and have done AS work for a lot of companies around the world including Macromedia, now Adobe. So the code is very optimized and well written.

If you guys want to take a look at it on a very simple video you can check it out here:


I have already contacted some zimbra guys but they don't seem to be interested on it so i'm posting here in order to see if someone has interest on me finishing it.

Now with the future inclusion of flash player into arm processors (iphone) this could lead zimbra to exist on several environments with the same code library shared between them.

Is this a good idea? Please answer the poll.