I have been involved in a couple of opensource projects in the past and one observation about zimbra is inability for external zimbra contributers/developers to communicate effectivly. With zimbra, if a developer has a problem they post to the forum and wait for a responce. Thankfully there are some forumers that are very generous with there time and answer those questions. Even thou this is a great service, it can be frustrating to have to wait for a responce. I would imagine that the zimbra inhouse developers will freely converse and help each other in realtime either by chatting to one another or using instant messaging. What external developers are missing in my opinion is this realtime means of troubleshooting and information sharing.

I am wondering if there would be interest in setting up a chat room/irc channel for external developers in particular ? This could be used for quick queries/help etc, and keep longer solutions type stuff for the forum.

If people are interested i would be willing to do the legwork,