Developers and readers,

I have a couple of ideas on ways to improve the functionality and utility of this already impressive product.

Idea 1:
I find that I take lots of notes. Often, these notes are associated with a contact, such as a sales rep. or a business partner. Sometimes the notes are less specific, perhaps a call log with IBM or Dell.

I'd love to see a way to incorporate notes/call logs into the system so that I can relate contacts/emails with notes/logs.

Idea 2:
Another idea is the ability to tie into a WebDAV/SVN repository, so I can, for example, send a co-worker (who is also using Zimbra) a "file" that's really just pointer to the file via WebDAV/SVN. This would help avoid multiple copies of the same file sitting on the server.

The recipient could work on the file locally (presently, just by saving a local copy and locally editing it), then he'd "update" it, which might be simply an upload via the Zimbra client. This update would create a new revision (via SVN/WebDAV/whatever revisioning) and now I'd have a nifty environment for working with files, tracking their changes and avoiding redundant or messed up data [I'm sure I don't need to profess the benefits of a version control system to a group of developers].