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Thread: Applying spam filters for external POP3 Email.

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    Unhappy Applying spam filters for external POP3 Email.

    Spam filtering doesn't work with 5.0.12 for emails that are downloaded from an external server for POP3 or IMAP. I searched the forums and bugzilla for this and found a few posts. I believe a change was implemented for this and then abandoned as it broke the offline client for some reason.

    I am trying to make this change myself with the source code and it doesn't have to work with the offline client for me. I changed the file fetchMessages method to do this

    com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.Message m = RuleManager.getInstance().applyRules(
    mbox.getAccount(), mbox, pm, pm.getRawSize(), dataSource.getEmailAddress(),
    new SharedDeliveryContext());

    but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Am i missing something? Is there more to it and this change?

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    I did. I understand the problem better now and why my change will not work. The rules manager will not pass the message through Spam filters (SpamAssasin) with the change i made. Now since this message will not go through the MTA and hence the MDA those message will never get to the spam filters.

    Here are the solutions I can think of

    1. Use fetchmail, this is out of question for me.
    2. I am thinking of Sending an email after I retrieve it in to the local MTA. Basically use Zimbra SMTP to send an email to the local MTA. What do you think about this solution? Do you think there will be any issues?
    3. Send this message to Amavisd and get back the response with all the headers and then save the message as it is done today.

    Any opinions? I need to fix this and can't wait for it to be fixed in future builds. My deadline is this weekend, so any help from the dev's is much appreciated.

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