Hi all,

I am putting a link in our Virtual Campus for student directing them to their Zimbra email accounts, via a logon page. I'd like to skip this process as I have access to the username and password and can just post it in a form.
Hence students do have to key in the same information.

The password and name I get dynamically using Ajax but it's not encripted (another issue but one thing at a time).

Our logon page posts to "/zimbra/"

so I do the same sending this form

<form method='post' TARGET='_blank' name='loginForm' action='https://correo.alu.ucam.edu/zimbra/'>
<input name='loginOP' type='hidden' value='login'/>
<input type='hidden' id='username' name='username' value='"+value1+"'/>
<input id='password' name='password' type='hidden' value='+found via ajax servlet+/>
<input name='zrememberme' type='hidden' value=''/>
<input name='client' type='hidden' value='preferred'/>

Doing this didn't work, just came back to the logon page with the entry fields filled out (something i suppose)
Sometimes changing \zimbra\ for \zimbra\?loginOP=login got me in but many Firefox and never IE

My questions are, and apologies if this sort of stuff has come up before (I did look extensively),

1) What am I missing? As a developer not a sistems guy it was the natural solution but
2) Should I just do preauth (such as outlined in Preauth - Zimbra :: Wiki) and have to get sistems to do key etc etc

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Slan leat