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Thread: Right click and send by email

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    Default Right click and send by email

    Hi ! I would like to send a file in just a few clicks.

    I would right click on the URL of a file like http://docs/adoc.pdf and choose "Send by email". It would then open a web brower to zimbra asking to log in (or I could use preAuth) and after a "zimbra compose mail" page would open with the file as an attachment.

    Adding the send by mail option to a firefox browser shouldn't be too complicated.

    What I need to know is :

    - the URL parameters for zimbra. More precisely to attach a file (like ? attachment=http://docs/adoc.pdf)

    - can I link directly to the file URL or do I need to download the file ?

    - is it more complicated than I think ? Will I have to write a zimlet for that ?

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    Kind regards,
    DaniŽl Westhoek

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