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Thread: Not close ie, the second time open the url , it login automatic.

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    Default Not close ie, the second time open the url , it login automatic.

    zimbra editin : 509 opensource. os:redhat as 5

    My users often close ie tab(not close entire ie , only close the page of zimbra in ie7 or firefox)but not click logout buttom to exit . So they found when they did this , the second time they only need to input the url and click enter , it login automaticly. This make them a little worried about the safety of their mails . I tried in administrator console , check/uncheck "cos--option--warnning when users leaving",but no use . some suggestion ?

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    If I am reading your question correctly (and I'm not certain that I am) then what you are seeing is standard behaviour.

    The Zimbra instance within the browser generates a session for that browser, if you close all instances of the browser and then try to launch Zimbra again, you should be prompted for the password as it's a new session, but closing and reopening a Zimbra tab within the same browser session is little different from switching between the mail view and the calendar view.

    The security of the client is not compromised so long as basic security is observed (locking the terminal when not in use, etc)

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