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Thread: Inbox Listener for Zimbra

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    Default Inbox Listener for Zimbra


    I wanted to write a Inbox listener for my Zimbra account which calls a java function (webservice/ejb) whenever new mails arrive. This function does some business logic.

    I did not find anything in the forum.

    Hence i wanted to know if there is some callback/notification mechanism present already

    Can you please point me to the documentation and source code for the same.

    If not can you suggest some other alternative

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    You can use the SyncRequest SOAP method, but it would be the other apps that would need to query ZCS. Someone told me that we can create mailbox listeners in ZCS so that notifications are sent right away, but like you, I didn't find any documentation on how to do it.
    ZCS 6.05 on CentOS 5.3 (VMWare ESX 4)

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