Now is a good time for testing community builds - the list of open items is growing shorter and shorter

For those new to this process, integrations from FRANKLIN to FRANKLIN-5012 are controlled (thus if we decide to forge into a 5.0.13 we can work with FRANKLIN without worrying about volatility).

Sometimes we release FOSS & NE together, and often we stagger the release to provide additional feedback & quality assurance time.

If staggered: When FOSS is live it's a good time to kick off release candidate's of your builds (or your GA version, it's completely up to you) - at that point we intend no more changes except for critical NE component fixes, but there's always a chance it might require a related open source code change too. After the NE release a few days later it's for all intensive purposes frozen, giving you the ability to get just 5.0.12, and likewise the open source code for just a particular prior version.

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