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Thread: avoid filtering excel files which used macro?

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    Default avoid filtering excel files which used macro?

    zimbra 509 , opensource , os: redhat as 5

    1.I composed an excel file , in this file , I used marco .
    2.I added this file as attachment to an email .
    3.When I sent this email , it always been filtered .

    And the system auto send a mail to admin and the sender , the info as follows :

    A virus was found: XF.Sic.E

    Scanner detecting a virus: ClamAV-clamd

    Content type: Virus
    Internal reference code for the message is 10881-01/rLDJRr6dxdR4

    First upstream SMTP client IP address: [] mail.domain
    According to a 'Received:' trace, the message originated at: [], []

    Return-Path: <admin@doman>

    Now my question is : when i send a mail with an attachment of excel files,which used marco , how to avoid being filter by clamav?
    Ask Forever...

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    I have the same problem about filtering Excel file!

    Anyone who cares to the problem?

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    If you are sure the message is erroneous then you could try putting the file inside a password protected zip file. The AV cannot scan encrypted files, which is normally a reason not to do this.

    If may be worth sending a sample to ClamAV if it's a false positive though.

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    Thanks for your information!

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