I have been working on a Fedora Core 7 PPC zimbra install for the last couple days. I have FC7 running on a new IBM iseries with a power 6 processor. So far I have been able to compile all of the Third Party apps and am now ready to compile Zimbra. Problem is the java version. From what I read I have to use a Sun Java version. I can't use a sun java version on PPC linux. I have installed the IBM Java but I am running into this error(and others) when I try to build Zimbra.

[javac] /opt/build.zimbra/source/FRANKLIN/ZimbraCommon/src/java/com/zimbra/common/util/CustomTrustManager.java:25: package com.sun.net.ssl does not exist
[javac] import com.sun.net.ssl.TrustManager;

Does anyone have any experience building Zimbra on power linux, or could someone more familiar with Zimbra give me some pointers?