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Thread: zimbraPreAuthKey gone?

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    Default zimbraPreAuthKey gone?

    I've been using the preauth mechanism for a little while from one client in testing.

    I went to setup another client and wanted to re-step through the certificate process. I ran 'bin/zmprov gcf zimbraPreAuthKey' as the zimbra user, believing that I could get the already set key. But the value appears to be blank. We did upgrade twice (3.0 -> 3.01 and 3.01 -> 3.1), but as far as I know of the LDAP server has the same information as when the key was initially created.

    I need to check if the original client is still working to make sure the preatuh mechanism is still working (honestly I've not tested that yet), but I believe it has not had problems.

    Am I trying to get this value incorrectly?

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    the pre-auth key is a domain-level attr, so you need to do:
    zmprov gd {domain-name} | grep zimbraPreAuthKey
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