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Thread: Creating my own tab in ZCS

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    Default Creating my own tab in ZCS


    I have created my own voicemail zimlet and it is present in the Panel item at the left hand side. When I click on it, it asks for username and password and then displays my voice mails in a dialog box. But instead of this, I would like to create a new tab besides the Mail,Calendar,Tasks.... tabs which are laready present. and display my voicemails in this tab. I have created Home tab by refering to the following post

    But I am not able to understand how do I display my voicemails in this.

    Any has any idea how to do this? Please help

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    There's an RFE for this in Bugzilla:

    Bug 24749 – Zimlet defines new application tab or preferences tab

    Looks like work has at least begun on it.
    Steve Hillman
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    Simon Fraser University

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