This is a weird one.

User has a spurious appointment with 10s of 1000s of newlines, so we want to delete it. When other users try to subscribe to his calendar, we get time outs and similar due to the huge size of the file download.

The appointment shows up in the REST url export of the user's calendar (i.e. the thing you'd see when you point iCal etc at http://SERVER/home/USER/Calendar/ ) but searching his calendar using zmmailbox -z -m USER@DOMAIN gaps -v 08/07/2008 08/07/2008 doesn't display the appointment. Viewing his calendar via the web UI also shows nothing (except the rescheduled appointment)

I was wondering if there's a way to use something like '?fmt=ics&query=is:deleted' or similar to at least find the zimbra item ID of the appointment so we can delete it.

Any suggestions on where to search for this cancelled appointment?