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Thread: [SOLVED] Rebranding Zimbra Webmail Access URL

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    Default [SOLVED] Rebranding Zimbra Webmail Access URL

    Hi, I have searched the forum and googled around but i wasn't able to find a clear answer for this.

    I have just installed the Network Trial edition and I am trying to do a complete rebranding.

    I notice that the url for the webmail access is There is /zimbra in the url.

    My question is:

    Is there a way to change the /zimbra to something else so that my webmail acesss url address is like

    Does this require changing the folder's name? what other changes do I have to make if i change the folder's name?

    TIA for replies

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    su - zimbra

    zmprov mcf zimbraMailURL /value
    zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraMailURL /value

    followed by:
    zmmailboxdctl stop
    zmmailboxdctl start

    If your not using 5.0.11+ you will need to use the workaround I've outlined here: Bug 30114 - zimbraMailURL not called in so we know which version your using.

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    ^Thanks. That was easier than I thought. Much appreciated =)

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