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    I'm struggling with allowing users to attach files which are not actually on the client, but are instead located on a SAN which is not accessable by the client. I've pondered many different ways to do this -- I read the FileUpload doc and considered faking a client long enough to stuff the files in and getting a token, and I've thought about trying to do this via zimlet. But right now a good solution hasn't become apparent.

    I was looking at the SOAP doc and noticed 'CreateMountpointRequest', which *if* it was talking about an NFS mount point would be the solution to my problems. But it looks like a 'shared folder' concept so it doesn't solve my problem.

    Still it seems interesting none-the-less, more dynamic shared data has some exciting potential. Unfortunately the SOAP doc has no documentation around this.

    Could someone explain mountpoints and what CreateMountpointRequest would be used for?

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    CreateMountpointRequest allows a user to share a folder with others. If you do a "$set:debug 1" in the web client and share your calendar folder you can see how it is used.
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