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    Question Soap Requests ...


    Are there any online docs for the Zimbra SOAP interface !?

    The reason I ask is I'm waiting on a new server to be delivered which will be the home of our Zimbra server, but because it's a custom build it's gonna take between 3-6 weeks for delivery.

    However, I feel this time could be dedicated to some development work, and although I can't actually test any of the code until I have the server and Zimbra up and running, at least I can get the framework done.

    However I can't even get this started unless I can get my hands on some docs or something regarding the SOAP interface and the functions I can call/use ?!

    And also, because this is a SOAP interface, I assume that it is standards compliant and therefore can be called from any language as long as the SOAP requests are valid !?



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    Looking for new beta users -> Co-Founder of Acompli. Previously worked at Zimbra (and Yahoo! & VMware) since 2005.

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    Fantastic ... will check these out.

    Thanks a lot ... your help is greatly appreciated.


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