(I hope this isn't posted a second time, my previous attempt yielded a problem.)

Hi all. I'm brand new here and, to make a long story short, I'm part of a project that's very Zimbra centric. However, I'm on a different team than the team doing the actual Zimbra work. Getting them to integrate certain things has been problematic and I figured I'd try my hand at it in my off time. Trouble is... I haven't a clue where to start.

I've been looking through the docs, but when I see something like this, "Rather allot needs to be writtenby those that understand the intents of the JS API" in the Zimbra Wiki, I don't find myself instilled with a world of confidence. Also, I just started reading the Zimlet white paper and the bottom right corner of each page says "01/31/06."

So, where do I get started? Where does any new developer get started with Zimbra? Am I missing obvious documentation somewhere?

(I have a decent grasp of Java and JavaScript, just as a head's up. Although, admittedly, I'm coming from a .NET world right now.)