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    Default building zimbra

    I am trying to build zimbra, using It is getting stuck on openldap stuff because it keeps trying to copy non-existant directories.

    There wasn't a version of openldap in /home/public/p4/FRANKLIN/ThirdPartyBuilds/RHEL5_64/openldap/ so I dl'd it from openldap (openldap-2.3.43.tgz). I untarred it, then re-tarred it as openldap-, which is what the makefile is looking for. I have then added dirs to this, such as openldap-, and openldap- because once it is copied and untared by the makefile, the makefile then tries to copy other files into these otherwise non-existant directories. I have also added a symbolic link, lib > libraries.

    After doing this, it builds past the ldap stuff, however, I am concerned that by hacking this perhaps some of the libraries are missing also. Have I dl'd the wrong version of openldap, or am I doing something else wrong?


    edit: after trying to build again, and solving a problem with missing mysql-standard-5.0.67-clientlibs.tgz, it is now trying to copy files from openldap- which doesn't exist. Which version of openldap am I supposed to have dl'd?
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