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    Does any one have input on using zmexternaldirsync?

    I'm trying to sync my external LDAP dir with Zimbra LDAP and auto provision mail boxes.

    Understanding the Zimbra SOAPs so that I can extend our web app to to do this has proven too difficult.

    My design so far;

    1 - I create a user account within our Drupal based web site.
    2 - Drupal then updates an OpenLDAP database.
    3 - The script; zmexternaldirsync would then auto provision that user in Zimbra by syncing or updating OpenLDAP -> ZimbraLDAP ** I wish **

    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like you got off and running with it, looking forward to your wiki writup. (I haven't played with it personally in a while.)
    Quote Originally Posted by aurfalien View Post
    Hi and thanks for the reply.

    I found a work around using a script called zmexternaldirsync.

    Since I feel this is a crucial function, I'll post a mini how to on getting a primary external directory to sync its users with Zimbra LDAP so that users are automatically provisioned in Zimbra when they are created in OpenLDAP for example.

    Others curious were talking about zmexternaldirsync (previously available in the source at ZimbraServer/src/bin/zmexternaldirsync with example configs under ZimbraServer/conf/externaldirsync

    (We had decided against Bug 14772 - include zmexternaldirsync in build for a multitude of reasons.)

    Still open: Bug 7235 - Auto Provision New Accounts with External LDAP

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