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Thread: Some problems with WEB client...

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    Default Some problems with WEB client...


    This post for a feedback of "possible" bugs that I saw when using WEB Client and Firefox. Maybe, there are already known:

    - After clicking on "get Mail" (and that new mails come), the application is not refreshed after deletion of one of them. I need to click on the "Inbox" dir to be sure that the command worked.

    - I created private contact: "John Doe", "", City:"Geneva" and Postal Code:"1200" ; I saved it but the detailled card was not really great for me (In fact, the work field appears like that "geneva1200"). Well I decided to let Postal Code blank and fill City like that "1200 Geneva". After saving contact, work field appears like : "1200 Geneva1200". I need to press F5 to have a correct view.

    - The icon (it seems that it is displayed when ZIMBRA finish its initialization) just on the left of the clock appears after a long time. Is it a problem?

    Maybe it is just for my installation


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    Can you reproduce these bugs? If so I'd recommend you write up careful reproduce steps and a screen shot and file a bug in bugzilla.
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    For delete's not showing until a refresh ... this your bug:

    For contact's not being rendered if a state/province isn't chosen ... this is your bug:

    If these two bugs are not the same as what you are experiencing, please open new bugs with steps to reproduce and screenshots.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the third problem. As Kevin asks, please open a bug and attach screenshots.

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