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    Default Some problems with WEB client...


    This post for a feedback of "possible" bugs that I saw when using WEB Client and Firefox. Maybe, there are already known:

    - After clicking on "get Mail" (and that new mails come), the application is not refreshed after deletion of one of them. I need to click on the "Inbox" dir to be sure that the command worked.

    - I created private contact: "John Doe", "", City:"Geneva" and Postal Code:"1200" ; I saved it but the detailled card was not really great for me (In fact, the work field appears like that "geneva1200"). Well I decided to let Postal Code blank and fill City like that "1200 Geneva". After saving contact, work field appears like : "1200 Geneva1200". I need to press F5 to have a correct view.

    - The icon (it seems that it is displayed when ZIMBRA finish its initialization) just on the left of the clock appears after a long time. Is it a problem?

    Maybe it is just for my installation


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