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    I'd want (my firm want) that the Global Adress List present entries from our intranet. In fact, we have in our intranet some Distributions lists. Our intranet is based on a postgresql database and is written in C#. We expose some webservices in order that foreign app (java like zimbra) could access to some data of our intranet.
    I have two problems:
    * The GAL could only talk to an external LDAP (and our intranet doesn't have LDAP).
    In looking on the penrose project that can emulate a LDAP server and translate LDAP request to SQL request... but the project is not too mature...
    So i'm writing a little LDAP server in C# that could answer to zimbra LDAP search query

    * We want to present only the distribution lists the user have access to:
    The problem is that there is no way to transmit authenticate the user (and not a service account) against the LDAP GAL server...
    -> I can't know who is talking to the LDAP server, so It's impossible to show only the distribution lists the user have access to:

    -> Is there a way to bind the user to the GAL LDAP?

    -> Is there a way to develop a "GAL plugin" that could talk to a webservice or a TCP/IP server or an XML source?


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    Today there is no way to get the user on a GAL query. One way would be to write a simple Zimlet that would search your list of distro lists. This can talk XML or any other protocol via a JSP. It will know the user and let you do per user searching. Not perfect as you don't get all the touch points but it's a good start.
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