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Thread: [SOLVED] use zmsoap for a grant request

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    Default [SOLVED] use zmsoap for a grant request

    I'm wondering whether it's possible (and if so, what the syntax is) to grant a sharing request using zmsoap.

    This is my best guess at the syntax:
    zmsoap -v -m user1 -p password -e FolderActionRequest/action @op=grant @id=7 -e grant @perm=rwidx @gt=usr @inh=1 @d=user2

    but it generates this request which isn't right:
    <FolderActionRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail">
    <action op="grant" id="7" perm="rwidx" gt="usr" inh="1" d="user2">

    What I can't work out is how to assocate the @perm @gt @inh and @d attributes with <grant> instead of <action> - it seems like the the command line ordering isn't respected.

    If it's not possible to do this via zmsoap, that's cool I know there are other options here ie zmprov and direct use of the SOAP api, but zmsoap is handy for testing.
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    Answering my own question here ... in case anyone else runs across this thread.

    After reading the source:

    I can see that it's not possible to create a <grant> using zmsoap because as currently written, the attribute expressions @a=b are all associated with the root element (in this example: FolderActionRequest/action).
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